Ancient Sword
Ancient Sword
Stack Size 1
Attack Damage 3 hearts
Durability 250
The ancient sword is a sword that has magical powers. It deals 3 hearts of damage and is obtained by placing a broken ancient sword in an archeology workbench with 10 relic scraps as the fuel. When using this sword, it occasionally summons a bolt of lightning that strikes the recipient of the blow. It can be great for killing most mobs, but be wary with pigs and creepers; they turn into zombie pigmen and supercharged creepers, respectively!

When the player wears the ancient helmet and carries the ancient sword, they are granted special abilities. While passing anubites, they will mistake you for Anu and will not attack (unless provoked). Also, in 7.3, when the helmet is worn while striking a pig with the sword, the pig will become a tamed zombie pigman who will protect you when you are attacked and kill mobs that you attack.

To restore the durability, place it into an archeology workbench and it will be repaired, but any enchantments you put on it will be lost.