The Amphora is an ancient pottery created by Pottery Shards. They are purely for decoration.

Broken AmphoraEdit

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The Broken Amphora is what you get when you craft several Pottery Shards together. It can be placed down. It is a large container-like object.

Restored Amphora Edit

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The Restored Amphora is what you get when you put a Broken Amphora into a Archeology Workbench and fuel it with several Relic Scraps. It can be placed down and it is much more detailed but still has no colour. It has water inside of it.

Coloured AmphoraEdit

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The Coloured Amphora is a coloured-in, placeable Amphora that can be crafted from the Restored Amphora with dyes. There are three types of Coloured Amphora; the Red Figure Amphora, the Porcelain Amphora, and the Black Figure Amphora.