Tamed Allo
A tamed grey Allosaurus.
Basic Information
Real Creature Allosaurus fragilis
Nature Neutral
Health Points 37
Attack Damage 1.5 hearts
Subspecies Grey/Black - Default

Red - Hot, dry biomes

Green - Jungles, swamps, and forests

Modeled By Raptorfarian

7.2 UPDATE Edit

Allosaurus (meaning "Strange Lizard") is a large neutral prehistoric creature that was added in the 6.4 Build. As a relatively large theropod dinosaur, it can grow 3.5 blocks tall and 8 blocks long in 10 Minecraft days. It can drop allosaurus meat, allosaurus claws, leg bones, arm bones, rib cages, vertebrae, claws, feet, and skulls upon death. Like most other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player.


Allosaurus are large carnivores that can break blocks and hunt when hungry. If they are not hungry enough, they will not senselessly kill other mobs. If there is a tyrannosaurus nearby when it is hungry, they will fight to the death. Either one can win, because tyrannosaurus has more health while allosaurus has more speed. They are very fast moving mobs and can easily run after the player if provoked. Once it reaches 10 days old, the allosaurus can be tamed. If this allosaurus is brought to 7 hp, it will enter "sleep mode" and lie down.

Allosaurus breed every 5 minutes once they reach adulthood. The breeding probability is determined by the amount of allosaurus nearby.


An allosaurus must be at least 10 days old to be tamed. To tame it, you must attack it and hit it until it is at 7 hp (3.5 hearts). You must have strong armor and a decent sword. It will then go to "sleep mode" and lie down. Using the DinoPedia is a smart way to ensure you won't kill your allosaurus. Then, right-click it with a scarab gem, signifying that it is tamed, and its health will be restored. A tamed allosaurus can be ordered with a skull stick. After taming, the player achieves the achievement "The. . . Squire?". They will, like wolves, teleport to the player if far enough away. When the order "Follow" is given, the allosaurus will attack the mobs harming and being harmed by the player.
2015-04-23 16.33.56

A player riding a tamed allosaurus.


Tamed allosaurus are rideable once they are 10 days old. When ridden, allosaurus won't go hungry and can't grow up. If you go into water deeper than two blocks, you will automatically dismount. It can be controlled only if the player hits it with a Whip. The controls use the same WASD format as normal movement.


Allosaurus is a carnivorous dinosaur. When hungry, it will hunt pigs, cows, horses, stegosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, and gallimimus. It can also eat the drops of a tyrannosaurus after battling them. It cannot be hand fed at all, but all meat items can be tossed to it as food. They will, however, eat from a feeder.


Allosaurus Idle (Untamed)
Allosaurus living untamed1
Allosaurus Idle (Tamed)
Allosaurus living tamed1
Allosaurus Hurt
Allosaurus hurt1
Allosaurus Death
Allosaurus death1


Allosaurus preview
Basic Information
Real Creature Allosaurus fragilis
Nature  ???
Health Points  ???
Attack Damage  ???
Modeled By Raptorfarian

7.3 UPDATE Edit

Coming soon!

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